Products and Services

  • Change has been constant in the litigation and legal expenses insurance market:

    Reshaping the structure of law firms and the regulation of fee arrangements

    Changes to cost management, recoverability and even the way litigation is conducted

    Changes to risk-transfer mechanisms and the relaxation of champerty with the acceptance of "risk for reward" financing.

    With the legal services market still reeling from the Jackson reforms, we cut through this maze of change by offering clear guidance on the latest competitive and flexible legal expenses insurance and funding answers.

    We provide access to the right insurance cover combined with sensible pricing options, to work in conjunction with solicitors' own billing arrangements and services.

  • As a fully independent insurance provider we offer a competitive range of solutions and premium payment options for nearly all types of disputes. We ensure the right risk is presented to the right insurer and have exclusive access to a bespoke legal insurer that can provide flexible cover. This includes cover for 'own costs' and 'late stage proceedings'. Cover can be applied retrospectively and be quoted for non-CFA cases, too.

    The scope of cover and premium levels offered by insurers will vary greatly according to the merits, size and types of case. The new rules on premium recoverability mean the availability of flexible premium levels and payment methods is crucial for your Client. For further guidance on the current ATE insurance products we offer please click here.

  • The litigation finance market is evolving rapidly. Moving into line with more mainstream financial investment products, it is becoming easier for us to access greater choice of funders and more realistic pricing levels. The coming year will see further high profile investment vehicles targeting volume lower-quantum cases, portfolio blocks of cases, hybrid DBA arrangements, as well as new ways of financing legal firms.

    Third-party funding is no longer restricted to £ 1m plus disputes. New products are emerging to provide investment for cases as low as £ 50k to £ 250K in quantum.

    Presenting clear risk and budget information (to the correct funder for your type of case) is a timesaving essential and is imperative for reducing the costs of unnecessary due diligence. In addition, ATE and funding applications go hand in hand with securing finance, which is normally conditional upon adverse costs and own costs insurance being in place.

    If you are unable to initiate or progress a meritorious legal case (for damages) due to lack of finance; or would simply like to explore factoring/financing your legal case to protect cash flow, and/or investigate how best to employ your capital more profitably elsewhere, please contact us for details.

    It is worth noting that funding may be available on a partial investment basis (i.e. expenses only). It does not have to be 'all or nothing'. Importantly for some businesses, immediate payments can now be secured for any retrospective costs or expenses previously incurred.

  • We can set up competitive and efficient fast-track quotations and ATE scheme arrangements for specialist commercial, personal injury or medical negligence teams.

    Please contact us for more information.

  • We can set up bespoke 'before the event' legal expenses insurance schemes for law firms enabling them to handle legal expenses claims for their commercial clients.

    The proactive use of such schemes can add value to a normal retainer and enhance promotional activities, which in some circumstances can tie in commercial clients to the legal services offered.

    'Before the event' legal expenses schemes can cover claims arising from employment disputes, general contract disputes (defence and pursuit), regulation or loss of licence, abortive contract costs insurance, etc.

  • We listen to solicitors and understand their needs and requirements. If you have an idea for a product and wish to explore its feasibility, or you feel we can enhance the products and services we offer, please let us know.