Welcome to Client Care Options

Informative and innovative finance and risk transfer solutions to manage the costs of litigation

Client Care Options is a welcome new resource for litigation solicitors and their clients. We adopt a refreshingly simple approach to using legal expenses insurance and methods of financing for all sizes and types of legal disputes. 

Our comprehensive range of After the Event insurance and/or lending solutions can offset the financial risks of being involved in a legal dispute and, if needed, provide money to spread the cost or pay legal bills (in whole or in part). Understanding these options enables financial planning for litigation.

Our experienced regional consultants are available to provide in-house product tutorials and meet and speak directly with clients if requested. This helpful and integrated approach to working with solicitors and their clients reinforces “Client Care” provisions and provides a real tangible benefit to clients when offered as part of a firm’s dispute resolution service.

Listen and Inform

Our service starts by listening to you. By contacting us and giving us some basic details about your case and any capital provision required, we will quickly inform you if a risk transfer, litigation loan or investment vehicle (or combination) is viable, suitable and justifies our further investigation.

We can then arrange a visit or call to answer any questions about how specific insurance or financial options might work for your case so you can then make an informed decision about engaging us to search for competitive offers or quotations (what we refer to as “going to market”)

Search and Find

As an experienced independent broker, we have agency relationships with most of the UK’s leading legal expenses insurance and litigation funding providers and our understanding of this specialist market enables us to focus our search on the most appropriate providers, ensuring we find a selection of the most competitive terms available.

We will guide you efficiently through the application process. The format of our application forms and methods of presenting cases is approved by our service providers, thus avoiding the need for you to fill out multiple forms and provide different documentation.

We check and review all applications and enclosures before they are sent to providers. A clear and well-presented application submitted with all relevant documentation will have a better chance of being quoted favourably and will avoid unnecessary delays.

Report and Advise

The specialist nature and characteristics of ATE and funding products means that all providers have individual and complex ways of pricing.

When our search is complete we will provide a summary report and give clear guidance on how to decipher and compare the responses, quotations and offers received. This summary will include details on any key features, terms, conditions and exclusions and will contain a price comparison table. It will also highlight all payment methods available, as some will be more cost effective than others.

Our work empowers litigants to make informed choices to manage the economics of their litigation.